Lift System in Morzine
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About the lift system in Morzine

Excellent lift system giving access to the whole Portes du Soleil ski area

Morzine and the Portes du Soleil are linked by a variety of different lifts. With such a huge area to ski, 650km of pistes across the whole of the Portes du Soliel it is the largest connected ski area in Europe.

With 197 lifts accross the whole of the Portes du Soleil 49 of these are loacted in Morzine and Les Gets. There are 64 slopes to ski in total (5 green, 23 blues, 27 reds and 9 blacks). 

The lifts marked on the piste map using straight black lines are of four types; button tow/drag, chair, telecabine and telepherique. They have the corresponding abbreviations:

  • TK - téléski (drag)
  • TS - télésiege (chair)
  • TC - télécabine (gondola)
  • TPH - téléphérique (cable car)

For télécabine think bubble car and for téléphérique think cable car. Anything prefixed/suffixed with “Express” means a 6 person modern fast chair lift.

There are four main lift stations available from Morzine that connect to the wider Portes du Soleil; Super Morzine, Pleney, Linderets and Prodains.

In the winter the Morzine lifts usually start to open from the second week of December onwards. Normally only a few lifts are open for the first week, with progressively more lifts opening as snow permits. You may find that the higher resorts of the Portes du Soleil have the most lifts open towards the start and end of the season, as they have more dependable snow coverage than those resorts lower down. Getting up the first and last lifts of the season often means you won't experience the best snow ever, but you may find that you have the pistes to yourself, no lift queues and sometimes there are low-season discounts to be had. Spring skiing can be pleasant with warmer weather and more precipitation can mean more snow! The season usually ends towards the end of April.

In the summer the lift system is open and you can enjoy the Morzine and Portes du Soleil area. The whole Portes du Soleil region has 24 lifts open throughout the summer season; they are used by mountain bikers, walkers, climbers, paragliders and those who wish to enjoy the fantastic views.

Lift Access & Restrictions in Morzine

Closures & Rules on the Lifts

There are only a few lift restrictions to the Morzine lift system. It is always worth checking these restrictions before you set off up the mountain and follow them where they apply. 

The main access lifts; Pleney, Ardent, Super Morzine and Prodains can be ridden by pedestrians and can be used by skiers and snowboarder to go up and down. The remainder of the lifts are not available to pedestrians and none of the other lifts can be ridden down the hill, only up.

In the summer all the open lifts can be used by pedestrians for travel both up and down.

Check the live status of the lifts before you set out as restrictions are more often impossed by the weather than the lift company.

Piste Map & Lift Map for Morzine

The Morzine and Les Gets piste map gives good detail of the local area, listing piste names as well as lifts. The larger Portes du Soleil piste map gives you a broad picture of how everything is connected. For a more detailed map when you get on the mountain, pick up a paper copy of the piste maps from the lift company when you buy your pass. 

Maps for Morzine & Portes du Soleil
Winter Summer
Interactive Portes du Soleil Piste Map Portes du Soleil Map
Portes du Soleil Piste Map Morzine & Les Gets Mountain Biking Map
Morzine & Les Gets Piste Map Avoriaz Mountain Biking Map
Avoriaz Piste Map Chatel Bike Park Trail Map
Cross Country Ski Map - Les Gets  
Cross Country Ski Map - Montriond  
 Map of 'The Stash' Snow Park  





Telepherique des Prodains

3S Prodains Gondola

The Prodains cable car that runs from the small hamlet of Les Prodains up to the resort of Avoriaz. Many tour operators and transfer companies choose to use the cable car, rather than drive up to resort so make sure you are arrriving during operating hours!

The 3S Gondola replaced the old one-up-one-down lift in 2013 and the new high speed lift connects the Morzine area to Avoriaz and the further Portes du Soleil. 12 cars with 35 seats each run from bottom to top in just 4 minuets and the Gondola is capable of carrying nearly 2500 passengers and hour making it one of the fastest ways from Morzine to Avoriaz.

The "A" bus runs from the centre of Morzine to the lift station in Les Prodians and for those with their own transport there is also a car park. 

The ticket price is around €7.20 one way and €12.00 return (child discounts apply to those under 16 years, under 5's travel free). Use of the lift is coved by Avoriaz and Portes du Soleil Lift Passes but not Morzine/Les Gets.

The lift is open for skiers daily from 08.45 until 17.45 and for pedestrians and residents from 07:00 with midnight closing on Friaday and Sturday, a 22:00 closing on Sunday and a 21:00 closing through the week.



The Ardent Bubble

Ardent to Les Linderets

The Ardent Bubble was updated in 2011 and is one of the fastest ways to explore the Portes du Soleil. A high speed standing only cable car runs from Ardent to the base of Les Linderets the pefect point to venture off into Avoriaz, Chatel or Switzerland.

The Ardent Bubble sets off from the tiny hamlet of Ardent just above Montriond. The bubble is serviced by the "M" bus from Morzine but as there is always car parking space and the bus is not terribly freaquent we would reccomend driving if you can. The cable car is fast and even in peak weeks there is usually no queue. There is also a lift pass office here and a great bar for an Apres Ski drink.

The drop off point for the lift is the heart of the Les Linderets bowl which has lifts heading towards Switzerland, Avoriaz or over to Pre la Joux, Linga, Chatel and onwards.

It is one of the best ways of getting onto the hill as it is quick and immediate, with very little queuing and a great home run at the end of the day but it is a little out of town if you don't have your own car.

Location: Montriond

The Pleney Bubble

Morzine & Les Gets from the Heart of Morzine

The Pleney is the main lift in the centre of Morzine that accesses the Morzine, Nyon and Les Gets ski areas. Replaced in 2013 the cable car is now a fast bubble that runs from the centre of Morzine to the top of the Pleney connecting Morzine to neighbouring Les Gets.

The tourist train runs from the Super Morzine Bubble to the Pleney and all of the Morzine Buses stop at the foot of the lift station making it the easiest lift to reach in Morzine regardless of where you are staying. The lift station has a pass office and nearby is the meeting point for nearly all the ski schools in the resort.

The bubble runs late on a Tuesday night for guests of the hill top Viking Hotel.

The Pleney is the heart of Morzine.


Location: Morzine

The Super Morzine Bubble

The Central Access Point for Avoriaz & the Portes du Soleil

The Super Morzine Bubble can be found just a hundred metres from the tourist office in Morzine at the end of the bridge that crosses the Dranse Valley.

This is the simplest access point for anyone wishing to venture into Avoriaz and the wider Portes du Soleil. The lift is a high speed bubble that can comfortably fit 4 people but accomadates 6. Queues for the lift are usually pretty quick even in eak season and there is a ticket office at the lift station.

The free tourist train runs back and forth from the Super Morzine bubble and the "P" and "U" Buses stop just next to the bridge on the Morzine side of the valley. 

Although the lift is quick, easy to reach and well serviced by free buses it does have one draw back; it doesn't take you directly to Avoriaz. After the Super Morzine Bubble skiers have to take the Zore chairlift, the combes des Zore Piste and then the Procolou Chairlift to reach Avoriaz. Although the piste between Zore and Procolou makes a great warm up the queue for the Procolou chair can get very long in peak season and similarly the returning Seraussaix Chairlift can also become very congested.



Location: Morzine

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